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1. Seniors have many scholarship opportunities that are sent to their school email accounts.

2. The following links could be helpful to students and parents:

TASSELTIMETasseltime is a website created by an Arkansas counselor to provide links to most everything listed here, plus more (colleges, careers, military, ACT, ASVAB, etc.) Check out this video for a quick preview:

(**The Tasseltime link requires a username and password; email or visit Mrs. Church for more information) 

Here is a link to a video to explain how to sign up for notifications:


ACT Registration - JRs & SRs trying for scholarships should take this test as often as possible

Preparing for the ACT - booklet for tips, strategies, and practice

ACT Authority - ACT tutoring (3 day free trial/$50 per month membership)

eKnowledge - comprehensive ACT prep course for reasonable fee (click Program Overview for more info)

ACT Test Prep - resources from the ACT company (some free, but not all)


March 2 Success - College/Career prep, ACT practice tests, etc. (you will have to create an account)

My Next Move - interactive tool for job seekers/students wanting to learn about career options

Real-Life Arkansas - Find out about AR salaries and which occupations will meet financial goals

Explore AR Careers - Information on high-demand careers in Arkansas - guide to helping students evaluate and choose careers

Be Pro Be Proud - website that provides career info/exploration in AR based skilled labor market

Learn How to Become - career information and exploration site

Living Wage Calculator - estimate the cost of living in various areas across the state or country

How to Write a Resume - free templates and tips for resumes and cover letters

The Mint - financial tips/planning/information for people of all ages

Arkansas Next - resources for college/career/life planning

Family Guide to Internet Safety - a good resource for parents to help recognize and avoid this issue

Cyberbullying Statistics - a website to help students and parents understand this problem

Stop Bullying website - tips for kids to keep themselves and others safe from bullies

Life After College - guide for students (many links included; could also be helpful to the HS grad)

ADT Cost of Living - website that compares cost of living and varying wages across U.S.

Variety of Resources - links to sites about healthy habits for success (health, academics, lifestyle, etc.) 

University HQ - resource about degrees and careers (students can view options of careers based on degree plan)

Job Opportunities - link for jobs available in NEA, compiled by Paragould Chamber of Commerce


Sample Scholarship Inquiry Letter - for those pursuing scholarships other than through a college/university

Sample Scholarship Essays - examples of how to write essays for scholarships (do NOT copy any samples!) 

AR STUDENT LOAN AUTHORITY - website designed to improve access to higher education to AR students

FINANCIAL AID GLOSSARY - list of terms and abbreviations used in the financial aid process

FINANCIAL AID TOOLKIT  - info for parents and students about all federal programs for financial aid

FEDERAL STUDENT AID WEBSITE - tips for parents and students concerning financial aid

PAYING FOR COLLEGE RESOURCE - website created by Sallie Mae to help families responsibly pay for college

How to Pay for College - online booklet and resources for Arkansas-based financial aid programs


(**All seniors planning to attend college will need to complete the FAFSA)

FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid (site opened Oct 1; SRs should complete applications asap)

FSA ID - must have to complete FAFSA

HOW TO COMPLETE FAFSA - checklist to follow to help students/parents with FAFSA

Why FAFSA needs to be completed ASAP after it opens on Oct 1 - An article to help with FAFSA 


Help Teaching scholarship - for current HS or college students; application due June 1

Scholarship Search Guide - reviews/instructions to help students with scholarship searches

Greene County Scholarship - info & application portal for local scholarships (available Feb 1 - March 1)

Sixt Scholarship - scholarship opportunity (deadline November 30)

Beta Club Scholarships - link to scholarships available to Beta members (deadline Jan 22, 2020)

AR Department of Higher Education - to apply for the AR Academic Challenge & other state scholarships

The Hagan Scholarship Foundation - for high achieving students with a financial need (deadline Nov 15, 2019)

Am. Indian Ctr of AR Scholarship Award Program - info for those with documented Native American ancestry

AR Single Parent Scholarship Fund - information and application for scholarships for single parents

Zip Recruiter Scholarship - award for best creative writing entry--previous job & ideal career (Oct 31 deadline)

Horatio Alger Career & Technical Scholarship - website includes information and link to application

Horatio Alger Scholarship - website includes eligibility requirements, application, and much more Scholarshipscholarship opportunity for seniors interested in teaching

License to Howl - ASU scholarship for incoming freshmen; application window Dec 1 - Feb 1


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