Laura Faulkner

SpEd Math/Language Arts 7-9
  • This is my fifth year teaching resource 7th-9th grade at Marmaduke. I love the atmosphere here. The faculty and staff's main concern are the needs of the students. I do not sent homework because, I feel my students have enough in their other subjects and I do not need to add to their frustration levels. I  also will help any student who is struggling in their other subjects in my classroom. We will be working on higher level reading, writing, and math skills this year and I will strive to have each student have at least an understanding of each concept. We also will be looking at things they will want to do when they get out of school and classes they may want to take that may give them an idea of a job in their future. 
  • Websites that may be helpful- Special education information rights and resources
  • www.mobymax,com program we will be working with on academic practice
  • website that discusses dyslexia
  •  gives ideas on jobs, budgets, etc. for post education.

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