Character Education- Word of the Month

2017-2018 Character Words – Marmaduke Elementary



Character Trait


Aug. 21-Sept. 1, 2017


Working together as a team to reach a goal.

   Sept. 5-29, 2017

Respect for others

Showing honor and kindness toward others’ feelings/rights.

Oct. 2 – Oct. 27, 2017


Doing right, even when you don’t feel like it. 

Oct. 30-Nov. 21, 2017


To be truthful and fair no matter what consequences.

Nov. 27–Dec. 20, 2017


To be friendly, considerate and helpful.

Jan. 3-Jan. 26, 2017


Able to wait calmly without anger or complaining.

Jan. 29-Feb. 23, 2017


Getting along with others who are different.  

Feb. 26 – March 30, 2017


To know what is expected of you and do it – start to finish. 

To take care of the things you are in charge of. 

April 2-April 27, 2017


Working hard without giving up. 

May 1- May 17, 2017


To respect the rules of a game and be patient and fair. To show a good attitude when winning and also when others win.  (Field Day tie-in)

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