The mission of the Marmaduke School District is to provide effective, responsible instruction in all areas taught. To accomplish this mission, it is neccessary for the district to ensure awareness of the opportunities available to members of the community at large, as well as to students and faculty. The District will aggressively and continuously pursue exemplary programs and training for all employees and students. These programs will enhance professionalism, aid in the pursuit of teaching excellence, and increase student achievement.

Laptops in the Classroom

News & Announcements

Youth Technology Career Academy


Safety Statement

School safety is still our number one priority. Any and all threats are...

Aerospace engineer credits Marmaduke school district

Aerospace engineer credits Marmaduke school district (From left) Former...

MHS History Project If you have any pictures of the school or any...

What is SB154?

SB154 is in place to improve the safety of highways and roads by...

Greyhound Life

Alicen Dixon Paragould Exchange Club Youth of the Year

CNA class

1st place Carissa Specking, 2nd place Kaylie Collins & Derek Farmer


reading to preschool

Author Bonnie Best

FBLA Sweetheart Pageant Winners

Newborn-23 mos: Queen Bailey Pugh, 1st Alternate Evie Gardner, 2nd Alternate Harper Lucy

FBLA Sweetheart Pageant Winners

2-3 yrs: Queen Paisley Carter, 1st Alternate Tinsley Riley, 2nd Alternate Kennedy Bishop

FBLA Sweetheart Pageant Winners

4yrs-K: Queen Tinsley Breckenridge, 1st Alternate Isabella Irby, 2nd Alternate Falan Poe

FBLA Sweetheart Pageant Winners

1st-2nd grade: Queen Addyson Oxford, 1st Alternate Lincoln Coleman, 2nd Alternate Carleigh Boone

FBLA Sweetheart Pageant Winners

3rd-4th grade: Queen Kimber Green, 1st Alternate McKinley Lewis, 2nd Alternate River Humphreys, 4th place Clarissa Knuckles

FBLA Sweetheart Pageant Winners

5th - 6th grade: Queen Mackenzie Hampton, 1st Alternate Emily Dowell, 2nd Alternate Kyleigh Lewis

FBLA Sweetheart Pageant Winners

7th grade: Queen Kaylee Payne, 1st Alternate Gracie Cook, 2nd Alternate Ashley Yax

FBLA Sweetheart Pageant Winners

8th grade: Queen Autumn Dover, 1st Alternate Brayla Peaster, 2nd Alternate Shalyn Newman

FBLA Sweetheart Pageant Winners

9th grade: Queen Emma Partridge, 1st Alternate Karlie Gilliam, 2nd Alternate Callie-Gore Schavalia, 4th place Sierra Nix

FBLA Sweetheart Pageant Winners

10th grade: Queen Gracie Williams, 1st Alternate Sawyer Hendrix, 2nd Alternate Carson O'Neal

FBLA Sweetheart Pageant Winners

11th grade: Queen Serena Page, 1st Alternate Jasmine Rodden, 2nd Alternate Rachel Taylor, 4th place Mariah Summers

FBLA Sweetheart Pageant Winners

12th grade: Queen Alicen Dixon, 1st Alternate Emily Bridges, 2nd Alternate Cynthia Barham

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